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This is the first page. I'm actually going to try to keep this page somewhat up-to-date and interesting. Stay Tuned for upcoming changes. Check the blog and the galleries. And if you want a login to post comments or have me host something for you, just ask.

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My Mostly Veggie Chilli Recipe

Figured I would share my recipe for the Chilli I love to make.  It started out as a vegetarian chilli, but it just tasted so much better when I added some meat.  Very easy to make as I just mix it all together in a crock pot and cook overnight.

Gull-Wing Mercury

Gull-Wing Mercury

In the parking lot of BestBuy, some fine citizen put alot of work into his Mercury four door.  Impressive stuff, but honestly... why -that- car?

RegEx Tutorial Reference

Found these page very useful in my regular expression fun:

Spring is Coming!

Yes, spring is coming.  The time for planning big deck parties is now.  However I first need to clean house.  In the literal sense and in most others.  Toss the crap I no l

Outlook says I'm late... very late.

Late Outlook Reminder

I was working with Outlook on my laptop with Entourage/iCal on a Mac and sync'ing items back and forth.  Somehow the reminder attached got triggered.  Apparently I'm REALLY late.&nbs

Twitter... Yes, I joined

I have always been a bit hesitant when it comes to social media.  Perhaps I have a slightly jaded view given the ease of identity theft using information garnered from publicly available

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